Become a private or commercial Helicopter pilot with a single, tax-free course.

All new pilots go through an intensive program of both ground and flight training to start a successful career as a pilot. Unlike other schools, we teach our commercial course as a single unit, providing our students job opportunities in both private and commercial fields. This makes Chinook Aviation Flight Training completely tax free and eligible for tuition tax credits.

Private Pilot License

All students start their pilot training here as this is the first step to becoming a commercial pilot! The initial classroom and flight training time can be used to obtain a private pilot license to have to fly for fun and will enable a student to own aircraft.

Commercial License

For students wishing to pursue a career in commercial aviation, this is the second step on the path to a career as a commercial airline pilot. The commercial pilot flight training includes night rating, instrument rating & mountain courses.

Ratings & Endorsements

To have an additional category, class, or operating privilege added to your credentials, additional training and testing, or an endorsement by an authorized instructor, is required.

“Your experience begins with a training flight at Chinook and ends with successful placement within the helicopter industry.”

Since 1982, Chinook Helicopters has risen to become a national leader in rotary wing instruction and training. We have developed an efficient model for providing all levels of helicopter pilot certification and specialization within the worldwide helicopter industry. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive training that meets and exceeds both domestic and international standards, giving pilots the ability to fly not only in Canada, but throughout the world.

Chinook’s comprehensive 80 hour ground school program plus 200 hours of flight instruction and one-on-one time with our experienced instructors prepare you for the written and practical Transport Canada examinations and success in the aviation field. 

Flight Simulation Training

Get a feel for flight.

Dual Flight Training

Fly along side our qualified instructors.

Solo Flight Training

Accumulate flight hours for your license.

Aircraft Systems

Canadian Aviation Regulations

Aerodynamics & Theory of Flight

Instruments & Communications

Meteorology & Weather

Straight & level, turns, climbs & decents

Hover, Take-off, Landing & Hover Taxi.

Approaches, Overshoots & Hover Transitions

Sloping Ground

Maximum Performance Operation

Auto Rotations, Emergency Procedures

Tail Turns, Circuits

Radio & Communication

High & Low Altitude

Navigation, Confined Area, Vortex Ring

Ratings & Endorsements

Advanced Training by a Professional Pilot.

Unlike the Private Pilot License, the Commercial Pilot License requires additional flight time and more advanced training. A Private Pilot may add on any ratings to their current license without pursuing a Commercial Pilot License. Chinook’s commercial pilot flight training program includes night & instrument rating.

Instrument Rating

Pilots that wish to open new work opportunities can choose to pursue Instrument Flight Rating. We have a number of complete IFR packages tailored to suit your needs.

Night Rating

This rating is required to complete a Commercial Licence and is included in the course. Private Pilots can add this rating onto their licence to be able to fly at night.


Type Endorsement

Learn how to identify the different class and types of aircraft in accordance with the FCL.


Mountain Course

The mountain course is for those interested in pursuing a VFR charter career and is taught by pilots who have spent much of their careers in the mountains.

Long Lining Course

Manage external loads underneath the helicopter using the vertical reference flying technique to carry equipment at the end of a long sling line attached to the helicopter.

Choose Your Helicopter

Train in a single helicopter or combine hours on multiple helicopters

Chinook Airplane Flight Training offers hours for a single aircraft or combination hours on multiple aircraft, giving the student extra confidence when heading into the industry where these machines are used extensively. Chinook Aviation Group’s modern & comprehensive fixed-wing fleet are easy to fly & fuel-efficient, reducing pilot workload, surcharges, ultimately saving previous time & money.

Chinook Airplane Flight Training offers hours for a single helicopter or combination hours on multiple helicopter, giving the student extra confidence when heading into the industry where these machines are used extensively. Chinook Aviation Group’s modern & comprehensive fixed-wing fleet are easy to fly & fuel-efficient, reducing pilot workload, surcharges, ultimately saving previous time & money.


Bell 206

Chinook uses three Bell 206B/B3 JetRanger turbine helicopter trainers (C-GHHF, C-GGNC and C-GINV) for type endorsements, instrument ratings, mountain training, and advanced helicopter operations training. The 206 has the advantage of being a comparably low cost turbine helicopter that has direct application in the industry.


Bell 47

Helicopter industry operators positively endorse the use of the Bell 47 for training because of its larger size and because it is a more acceptable training platform from which to advance to the working turbine helicopter. Because of the low power to high weight ratio of the Bell 47, students must learn to be very accurate at controlling the helicopter, which results in a greatly increased skill and proficiency level.


Robinson R44 Raven

The R44 Raven II IFR trainer is the latest derivative of the very successful and proven R44 helicopter line. For the student pilot, this means it has characteristics equal to a similarly sized turbine helicopters at much less of a cost, allowing for more advanced maneuvers and exercises.

Ready to Start Your Career as a Pilot?

“The industry placement rate here at Chinook is approximately 75%, placing us #1 in Canada.”

We invite you to come visit us at the training center and meet with our team. Registration can be completed on site with one of our staff members.

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Do you already have your Rotary Wing Pilot License & want to expand to to Rotary Wing? We offer conversion training!