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Our Well Maintained & Modern Fleet

With a showcase fleet of over 15 aircraft, Chinook Aviation Group is the largest flight training facility in Canada.  As Canada’s premier flight training facility, the company provides a full spectrum of basic and specialized advanced flight and ground training to the global community since 1982.

Rotary Wing Air Craft :: Helicopters

Bell 47

Helicopter industry operators positively endorse the use of the Bell 47 for training because of its larger size and because it is a more acceptable training platform from which to advance to the working turbine helicopter. Because of the low power to high weight ratio of the Bell 47, students must learn to be very accurate at controlling the helicopter, which results in a greatly increased skill and proficiency level.

Bell 206

Chinook uses three Bell 206B/B3 JetRanger turbine helicopter trainers (C-GHHF, C-GGNC and C-GINV) for type endorsements, instrument ratings, mountain training, and advanced helicopter operations training. The 206 has the advantage of being a comparably low cost turbine helicopter that has direct application in the industry.

R44 Raven

The R44 Raven II IFR trainer is the latest derivative of the very successful and proven R44 helicopter line. For the student pilot, this means it has characteristics equal to a similarly sized turbine helicopters at much less of a cost, allowing for more advanced maneuvers and exercises.

Students taking our commercial helicopter license course have the choice to fly any combination of the Bell 47, Robinson R44, and Bell 206B to complete their licence. There are many factors that affect a student’s decision as to which helicopter types to fly and we have found the choice is often financially motivated. The piston helicopters offer training prices that are noticeably less costly than the turbine training, however, a turbine type rating opens new opportunities in the industry. In addition to the basic flight training, choosing either the Bell 206 or R44 gives you access to learning advanced flight operations as their in-flight capabilities are greater than the Bell 47.

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Fixed Wing Air Craft :: Airplanes

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is a four-seated, single-engine, high-wing airplane commonly used for Private, Commercial and Instrument Rating flight training. More than 43,000 Cessna 172 airplanes have been built and delivered to date, making it the best-selling, most widely flown airplane ever built.

Diamond DA-42

The Diamond DA42 has a superb performance with a margin of safety that single engine aircraft simply do not have. Especially when flying in inclement weather, over inhospitable terrain, over water and at night, nothing beats the safety of continued flight in case of engine failure. That is why Diamond’s high performance piston is a twin.

Chinook Aviation Group’s modern & comprehensive fixed-wing fleet are easy to fly & fuel-efficient, reducing pilot workload, surcharges, ultimately saving previous time & money.  Our aircraft are much more modern and newer than other flight schools. These are impeccably well maintained machines offer a glass cock-pit flying experience with advanced avionics and GPS equipment installed.  All our aircraft are stored in a hangar, which protects them from the elements.

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