Ratings & Endorsements

“Your experience begins with a training flight at Chinook and ends with successful placement within the helicopter industry.”

Since 1982, Chinook Helicopters has risen to become a national leader in rotary wing instruction and training. We have developed an efficient model for providing all levels of helicopter pilot certification and specialization within the worldwide helicopter industry. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive training that meets and exceeds both domestic and international standards, giving pilots the ability to fly not only in Canada, but throughout the world.

Helicopter Ratings and Endorsements

Instructor Rating


With completion of the (entry level) Class 4 Instructor Rating, you will be allowed to conduct flight training for the issue of the Private Pilot License (PPL), Night Rating, and the Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The new instructor must teach under the supervision of a class I or II instructor.

Instrument / Night Rating

Onboard USS NASSAU LHA 4 - An MH-60s Knighthawk from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 22 home ported at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., takes off from the flight deck of USS Nassau during night flights operations, Feb. 21, 2007.  USS Nassau was on a scheduled underway that tested various aspects of the ships combat readiness.  U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Andrew King.   (Released)

Pilots that wish to open new work opportunities can choose to pursue IFR flight or ATPL licencing are required to complete a night rating. We have the expertise and experience to help you achieve this.

Type Endorsement


Learn how to identify the different class and types of aircraft in accordance with the FCL.

Mountain Course


The mountain course is for those interested in pursuing a VFR charter career and is taught by pilots who have spent much of their careers in the mountains.

Long Lining Course


Manage external loads underneath the helicopter using the vertical reference flying technique to carry equipment at the end of a long sling line attached to the helicopter.

Airplane Ratings and Endorsements

Night Rating


Private Pilots can add this rating onto their licence to be able to fly at night. This rating is required to complete a Commercial Licence and is included in the course.

Instructor Rating


With completion of the Instructor Rating, you will be allowed to conduct flight training for the issue of the licenses and ratings. If the candidate also holds the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, the holder may also train towards the Multi-Engine and IFR Rating.

Multi Engine Rating


A multi-engine rating will allow a pilot to fly in a twin engine aircraft and is necessary for those who want to go on to fly commercially. A multi-engine rating is an optional add-on rating to the private pilot certificate.

Instrument Rating


Fly by sole reference to the instruments in the flight deck, without any reference to the ground outside. This type of rating can be added on to a private pilot certificate or commercial pilot certificate.

We invite you to come visit us at the training center and meet with our team. Registration can be completed on site with one of our staff members.

You can also submit your duly completed registration form by email